The current control is carried out on every practical lesson according to the concrete purposes of theme, during individual work of teacher with a student for those themes which student works over independently and they do not enter the structure of practical lesson.  For estimation of level of students’ preparation are used: verbal quiz, computer and writing testing, solution of situation tasks, tasks from examination Step-2, control of practical skills and abilities.

Estimation of independent work:

The estimation of independent work of students, which is foreseen during the study of the theme, which is submitted on practical lesson, is carried out during the current control mastering of theme on the proper auditorium lesson.

The estimation of independent work of students concerning to mastering of themes which are not carried out on the auditorium lessons is controlled during the final module control.

Module final control:

The final module control is carried out after conclusion of study of all themes of the module on the last control lesson from the module.

To the final control are admitted students, which carry out all types of works, that are foreseen by the study program, and during the study of the module collected the number of marks, not less than minimum.

The form of final module control’s conduction is standardizing and includes the control of theoretical and practical preparation:

  1. computer testing of students,
  2. control of acquirement of practical skills near the bed of patient
  3. solution of situation tasks

The maximum number of marks of final module control equals 80.

The final module control is considered as accounted, if a student collected points not less than 50.

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