List of Neurology themes suggested for the Individual Independent Student’s Work

List of Neurology themes suggested for the Individual Independent Student’s Work (ISW)


Theme. Main stages of neurological science development. Principles of the nervous system structure and functioning.

First investigations of the nervous system diseases (Hippocrates, Gallen, Avicenna). Neurology study at the universities of Middle Ages and the Period of Renaissance. Organization of the first neurology departments at the universities of  Moscow, Kharkiv, St. Peterburg, Kyiv, Lviv and others. Domestic and foreign neurological schools. Contemporary trends of neurology development: differentiation of neurological science (organization of separate centers and scientific divisions on the study of cerebrovascular, demyelinating diseases, epilepsy, neuromuscular pathology, etc.) and integration with other sciences (somatoneurology, vertebroneurology and others). Main stages of phylogenesis and ontogenesis of nervous system.

Main anatomic and topographic branches of nervous system. Structural and functional unit of nervous system. Types of neurons, their functional meaning. Neuralgia, its functional meaning. Basic principles of the nervous system functioning.


Theme. The spinal cord vascular diseases.

Haemorrhage into the spinal cord and its meninges. Ischemic spinal stroke. Etiology and pathogenesis. Clinical picture. Diagnostics. Intensive therapy during the acute stage.

Treatment of patients during the residual effects after the cerebral and spinal strokes. Rehabilitation and expertize of workable patients. Prevention of the cerebral and spinal vascular diseases.


Theme. Occupational and household neurointoxications.

The nervous system impairmeents due to industrial poisons of neurotropic activity poisoning (lead, mercury, manganese, lead tetraethide, arsenic, carbon oxide, methanol, hydrogen sulphide, organophosphorus compounds). Clinical picture, neurological syndromes, treatment, prevention. Food neurointoxication, botulism. Neurological manifestations of alcoholism. Clinical picture of acute poisonings by barbiturates. Emergency aid.


Theme. The nervous system impairments due to physical factors effect.

Vibration disease, radiation afflictions of the nervous system, electrotrauma of the nervous system, the nervous system affliction due to thermal and sunstroke. Clinical picture, neurological syndromes, treatment, prevention.


Theme. Parasitic diseases of nervous system.

Cysticercosis, echinoccocosis, and toxoplasmosis of nervous system. Ways of contamination. Clinical picture, diagnostics, treatment, prevention.


Theme. Prion infections.

Prion infections. Creutzfelt-Jakob’s disease (etiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnostics, treatment, prevention).


Theme. Drugs in neurology.

Groups of drugs used for the treatment of neurological diseases: neuroprotectors; drugs used for the cerebral hemodynamics improvement; antiparkison’s drugs; anticonvulsive drugs; antimigraine, vegetotropic, antiatherosclerotic and biogenic stimulants; neuroleptics; antistress drugs; interferons; drugs used for neuromuscular, autoimmune and demyelinating diseases, for herpetic lesions, muscular dystonias and hyperkinesias

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