Long-term plan of the neurology lecture course

Long-term plan of the neurology lecture course

for english-speaking students 2010-2011 years


N Theme of lectures Date Lecturer
1. Reflex-motor function of nervous system. Syndromes of movement disorders in the cases of lesion different level of motor tract   4.10 L.I.Sokolova
2. Extrapyramidal system. Modern concept of extrapyramidal system biochemistry. Syndromes of it`s damage. The cerebellum, syndromes of damage. Ataxias types   5.10 O.A.Myalovitska
3. Cortex of brain hemispheres. Disturbances of higher cerebral functions   6.10 L.I.Sokolova
4. Pathology of autonomic nervous system   7.10 O.A.Myalovitska
5. The closed craniocerebral and spinal trauma   8.10 V.J.Krylova
6. Brain vascular diseases  11.10 L.I.Sokolova
8. Epilepsy and nonepileptic paroxysmal states  12.10 V.J.Krylova
9. Peripheral nervous system diseases  13.10 L.I.Sokolova
7. Infectious diseases of central nervous system  14.10 O.A.Myalovitska
10. Demyelinating diseases of nervous system  15.10 L.I.Sokolova


Comment: lectures are held in auditorium of Clinical Kyiv City Hospital # 4, 1320-1500.

Long-term plan has proved at scientific-methodic sub-faculty meeting 30.08.2010

Head of the neurology department, professor                                                                      S.M.Vinichuk

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